Friday, October 26, 2007

George Mitchell Nature Preserve Grand Opening

The Woodlands is now part of the Spring Creek Greenway Project. Visit THIS site for more information about the portion of the project in The Woodlands.

Mr Robert Collins, Montgomery County Pct 3 Special Counsel, is very excited about this project. Their website states: The Spring Creek Greenway will connect and protect up to 12,000 acres of forest on both sides of the creek, preserving a sociological gem and creating a mecca for ecotourism, education and outdoor recreation just north of Houston.

The Trail in The Woodlands is a 1/2 mile out and back (1 mile total) nature trail with signage to ensure you don't get lost in the woods. Plans are to extend the trail as land is purchased and donated through the years. While visiting the site I noticed that the forest was only slightly impacted by the trails and they even used fallen treas to border the trail at certain locations.


Anonymous said...

This is all interesting, but really someone should proofread the spelling and punctuation mistakes - it makes the group look unprofessional and uneducated, i.e., nothings where it should be nothing's; flare where you clearly meant flair; grouth instead of growth - I mean, really, if you want to be taken seriously, spell at least as well as a 5th grader.

CAofTW said...

Just don't come back to the site if you can't be polite and use constructive criticism. Thanks

Anonymous said...

Just a warning, the trail seems to be in transition and the "markings" are missing. I noted a few 4"x4" posts with no markings as well as a number of 4"x4" holes in the ground ... that was about it.

Anonymous said...

I sent your comment to the commissioners office. Thanks!