Thursday, April 30, 2009

Letter to Don Stockton, CISD Super, Regarding Oak Ridge.

There are a growing number of Oak Ridge Students, Parents and Residents unhappy with the news regarding the Junior High School.
The nuts and bolts sound like your nixing the Junior High School that was VOTED (is anything sacred?) for in the last obnoxiously high bond election. Why would you spend all the money to refurbish two schools just to refurbish again in the next two to three years? Maybe that's not really the plan?
Oak Ridge Students, Parents and Residents DESERVE and DEMAND better from their elected Board of Directors and payed employees of CISD like yourself.
Why weren't all affected residents notified of these in the dark of the night changes? If I am speaking out of terms, please correct me, but you are doing a disservice to Oak Ridge if you move forward with the drastic changes from the bond election without the constituents input.
Please advise what you will do to correct this wrong so the residents have a voice concerning this issue.

I expect my email will be forwarded to all CISD Board of Directors with me in copy.


Joe Merrill
Community Activists of The Woodlands

Texas Senate Gives Preliminary Approval to Choose Life License Plate Bill

AUSTIN--The Texas Senate today gave preliminary approval on a 22-9 vote to SB 1098 to create aChoose Life license plate to promote adoption, with bipartisan support. The bill creates a specialty license plate with the positive message "Choose Life" and will raise funds to promote the loving option of adoption. The Senate voted to approve the bill on second reading. It is expected that the Senate will give final approval tomorrow.

Rob Eissler supports the companion bill, HB 109. Please send him a thank you email if you wish.

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Rob Eissler: "I am not allowing ROW signage" PART II

CATW has contacted Rob Eissler 4 times for confirmation that he is not going to allow signs in The Woodlands right of ways.
As of 11:30AM we have not heard back from him regarding this matter.
Please contact Rob and ask that he back up his word.

Email: and
Suggested Script
Subject: Signs in The Woodlands ROW's
Mr Eissler, Please follow through with your word to CATW that there will not be signs in The Woodlands right of ways. Not only are the signs extremely distracting and dangerous, but they are simply litter. I kindly request a response to this communication.

Rob Eissler, R-The Woodlands

CATW received an email from Rob Eissler on April, 22nd stating the below in reference to The Woodlands.

"I am not allowing ROW signage"

CATW has contacted Rob Eissler 4 times for confirmation that he is not going to allow signs in The Woodlands right of ways.
As of 11:30AM we have not heard back from him regarding this matter.
Please contact Rob and ask that he back up his word. 

Friday, April 24, 2009

Rob Eissler: "I am not allowing ROW signage"

Rob Eissler, R-The Woodlands

CATW received an email from Rob Eissler on April, 22nd stating the below in reference to The Woodlands.

"I am not allowing ROW signage"

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Tommy Williams. Is anything Sacred?

Sen. Tommy Williams, R-The Woodlands, left, talks with Texas Lt. Gov. David Dewhurst.

Tommy: Yes Sir, Mr Dewhurst, what can I do for YOU?
David: Well Tommy, you know how I really like wine?
Tommy: Yes, of course. Smells like you just drank a bottle, Sir.
David: Yes. I just went to my favorite restaurant and snuck in a bottle of my favorite wine that the restaurant didn't carry.
Tommy: Really? You can do that?
David: No. But with your help Tommy Boy we will be able to carry around open bottles of wine any time and any where, even in cars.
Tommy: Yes Sir. Yes Sir. Yes Sir, how can I help?
David: Relax Tommy. Don't look suspicious. It's getting late, just sign this wine bill and go home.
Tommy: Sure, done! Wait a minute Mr Dewhurst, what about open container laws?
David: Shut up, Tommy.

Think we're making it up? Well, We don't know how the conversation went since the above is a parody , but the end result is a WINE BILL.

Have you seen this person?

When? Where? Name?

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Call Senator Williams and Representative Eissler

Below you will see a letter sent to Representative Rob Eissler expressing concerns to identical bills, Senate Bill (SB ) 2515 and House Bill (HB) 4782.
Both bills are making The Woodlands Township Special Taxing District stronger and pushing incorporation over a cliff.

If you want The Woodlands to finally become The City of The Woodlands then please call Senator Williams office and Representative Rob Eisslers office and demand a resident vote on SB2515 and HB4782

Senator Williams: Phone: (512) 463-0104, (409) 896-2350 or (281) 364-9426
Representative Eissler: Phone: (512) 463-0797 or (281) 681-9655


Regretfully, you are enabling The Woodlands to go down a dangerous path which in my opinion is a huge sellout.
The Woodlands is technically The Woodlands Township Special Taxing District and will NEVERbecome a municipality.
Others might be telling you it will be a municipality. If so, they are lying to you.
The residents of The Woodlands wanted to become a city in 2007. But Tommy and the gang struck a last minute deal with Houston which would benefit the business interests of The Woodlands, not the residents. Why do you think during the same election they had the residents vote to change the name from Town Center Improvement District to The Township? Perception is a very powerful tool being used against the residents (and you). I agree, keep government close, but let the residents need a vote. At this point I don't think The Woodlands will ever be a city since there are multiple restrictions to undo what has already been done. For example: The Woodlands Township Special Taxing District has to be debt free! 
If you allow HB 4782 to pass, you are pushing The Woodlands farther from becoming a municipality.
SB2515 &  HB4782 should be for the residents to decide, not Senator Williams and Rob Eissler.
PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE listen to me, Rob. 
I patiently try to contact you, but I can never keep you on the phone long enough to actually accomplish anything. We are on the same side.

Sunday, April 19, 2009

Signs in The Woodlands Right of Ways (ROW's)

*** Added House Bill 4782 link.
Please contact Senator Williams, Congressman Brady, Representative Eissler and Nelda Blair to request that SB 2515 (Williams) & HB 4782 (Eissler) not include any changes to the current ROW laws in The Woodlands.
Signs in the ROW's are litter and especially dangerous to motorists navigating our complex streets. 
Below is contact information for Tommy Williams and others that have most likely played a roll in drafting ROW language in SB 2515 & HB  4782.

Please make at least one phone call (call on the weekends or at night if you prefer leaving a message) and send one email. Simply state the following:
Signs in the ROW's are litter and especially dangerous to motorists navigating our complex streets. SB 2515 & HB  4782 should not include any changes to the current ROW laws in The Woodlands.

Senator Tommy Williams
Email through web site: Email
Phone: (512) 463-0104, (409) 896-2350 and (281) 364-9426
Fax: 512) 463-6373, (409) 896-2454 and (281) 364-9473

Representative Rob Eissler
Email through web site: Email
Phone: (512) 463-0797 and (281) 681-9655
Fax: (512) 463-0898 and (281) 292-6489

Congressman Kevin Brady
Email through web site: Email
Phone:   (936) 441-5700, (202)225-4901, 936-439-9532 and 409-883-4197 
Fax: (936) 441-5757, (202)225-5524, 936-439-9546 and 409-883-6550 

The Woodlands Township Special Taxing District Board Chair Nelda Blair
Web site form: Form
Phone: (281) 363-2447

Friday, April 17, 2009


Thank YOU Tea Partiers! 

We hope the party was all you expected and then some. The party is not over
Don't count on one day to carry you through 2010 and then onto 2012. 

Every day is a tea party. 

It was wonderful seeing everyone come together for a common cause, no new taxes, and then some.
Whatever your cause may be, make sure to contact your elected Piratician's so they know how you feel about taxes and any other issues concerning you and your community.

Montgomery County News quoted the following:
Brady: "I want to get the IRS completely and totally out of our lives."
Contact Congressman Kevin Brady and ask him what he has done and what he will do to accomplish such a monumental goal. Why not?
While critics argue whether or not he should have been given a platform during a tea party event, let's not get lost on that issue.
HERE is Brady's contact page and remember to ask for a written response even if you contact his office by phone. 

If you are having trouble finding contact information for any of your elected Piratician's, please leave a comment and we will find that information for you.


Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Montgomery County Texas Piraticians

Politician- A leader engaged in civil administration.

Pirate- One who plunders.


Piratician- A leader who plunders.


Tax day is a perfect time to remind Montgomery County Piraticians that we don't need any more taxes.

Send an email to remind our elected officials who they are working for during these tough times.


Elected County Officials



Ed Chance

Commissioner, Precinct 3

Craig Doyal

Commissioner, Precinct 2

Mike Meador

Commissioner, Precinct 1

Ed Rinehart

Commissioner, Precinct 4

Alan Sadler

County Judge

Brett Ligon

District Attorney

David Walker

County Attorney

Tommy Gage


Don Chumley

Constable, Precinct 1

Gene DeForest

Constable, Precinct 2

Kenneth Hayden


David Hill

Constable, Precinct 5

Tim Holifield

Constable, Precinct 3

Martha Gustavsen


Phyllis Martin


J. R. Moore Jr.

Tax Assessor Collector

Mark Turnbull

County Clerk

Barbara Adamick

District Clerk


Monday, April 13, 2009

Montgomery County Texas Judge Alan B Sadler. County or Alcohol and Drugs First?

C O U N T Y         F I R S T ?

The Honorable Judge Alan B Sadler

On March 4th the Conroe Police department arrested Montgomery County Judge Alan B. Sadler on suspicion of driving while intoxicated. 

  • Judge Sadler failed a field sobriety test.

  • Judge Sadler refused to blow into a breathalyzer.

  • Judge Sadler ultimately plead guilty to Driving While Intoxicated.

     "Montgomery County Judge Alan B. Sadler, who pleaded guilty Friday morning to a Class B misdemeanor charge of driving while intoxicated, had alcohol and phenobarbital in his blood when he was arrested March 4, he said." -Conroe Courier 4-6-09

    Merriam-Webster - "Phenobarbital  ....Used as a hypnotic, Sedative..."

Assistant District Attorney, Phil Grant, speaks out about Judge Sadlers use of alcohol and drugs. Click HERE to read article and watch video.

    Community Activists of The Woodlands feels that Montgomery County deserves better. While the country is riding the Hope and Change wave, we feel the same goes for local politicians. Judge Sadler is the leading political figure in Montgomery County and he is out driving drunk and taking drugs? Statistics would most likely prove this was not the first time Judge Sadler has been drinking and taking drugs while driving, but the first time he got caught. Who knows, there could have been other times he was let go with a warning because he is the County Judge. We deserve better.

How can you help?
Please fill out the attached letter and send to . Any format is acceptable. All personal information will be destroyed once the letters have been hand delivered to Judge Sadlers office.   

Please send this to everyone on your email list. Grass Roots efforts require every one's participation.

Joe Merrill
Community Activists of The Woodlands

Thursday, April 9, 2009

Brett Ligon - McLigon, Montgomery County Texas District Attorney.

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Montgomery County District Attorney Brett Ligon - Hopeless?

Community Activists of The Woodlands recently sent a complaint To the new Montgomery County District Attorney, Brett Ligon. To get elected He ran on a platform to change the way things have been done in Montgomery County. I learned very fast how things change.

My complaint to Ligon was detailed and had the laws attached as reference. Not only did Ligon deny my complaint, but he admitted that since the County Attorney ruled on the case in the past, he was not going to rule even if the law was being broken.

Here is a portion of what was written in his reply:

"...prohibits our office from prosecuting what may or may not be a violation of this particular law."

I hope this disturbs you as much as it disturbs CATW.

Please send an email to DA Ligon to reconsider his stance on when to follow the laws of the land.

You can make a difference. 

Community Activists of The Woodlands & Texas Ethics PAC

Trust… But Verify.

Saturday, April 4, 2009

Alleged Speed Traps on Lake Woodlands Drive and Woodlands Parkway. Grass Roots Effort to change speed limits.

The Montgomery County Sheriffs Office (MCSO) takes advantage of incorrect speed limits on Lake Woodlands Drive and Woodlands Parkway every month and issues hundreds of speeding tickets to motorists.

The MCSO takes advantage of certain sections of roadway that are covered by a state funded program (STEP) where the MCSO will get operating costs refunded. It is very frustrating to see SO's sitting in medians taking advantage of incorrect speed limits to get money from the state rather than patrolling or monitoring all the other known traffic hazards in The Woodlands Special District.

Lake Woodlands Drive and Woodlands Parkway have evolved through the years from small sections of roadway to major thoroughfares in The Woodlands Special District.

Recently Mr Ed Chance, Commissioner Precinct 4, has changed the speed limit on Gosling Road from 35 MPH to 45 MPH. The MCSO no longer kills grass in the median waiting for speeders since Gosling Road is now at the proper speed limit. Mr Chance has the authority to perform traffic studies on both Lake Woodlands Drive and Woodlands Parkway to either determine the speed limit stays the same, goes up or goes down.


What can you do to help?

Please forward this email to Commissioner Chance and Sheriff Gage.

Commissioner Chance: Please perform a traffic study on Lake Woodlands Drive between Grogan's Mill Road and Gosling Road with the ultimate goal of raising the speed limit to 45 MPH. Please also perform a traffic study on Woodlands Parkway between I45 and Kuykendahl with the ultimate goal of raising the speed limit to 55 MPH.


Sheriff Gage: Please discontinue patrolling & ticketing motorists on Lake Woodlands Drive and Woodlands Parkway under the STEP program until Mr Chance has performed a traffic study.


I would like an email response acknowledging the receipt of this email.

Thank You,

Concerned Resident of The Woodlands Special District and or Montgomery County.