Monday, September 24, 2007

Introducing Community Activists of The Wodlands LABS

In the past few weeks Community Activists of The Woodlands (CATW) has made The Woodlands Community Service Corporation (WCSC) aware of THIS SCULPTURE in Cochran's Crossing and its state of decay. The WCSC quickly bounced CATW to the Woodlands Development Company (Developer) for assistance. The Developer told CATW that they would need to contact their "Sculpture Consultant" for advice. Emails sent to the Developer for an update have gone unanswered.
CATW has since expanded into research and development with our new division called CATW LABS.
Since the developer is in the middle of trying to ensure that The Town Center Improvement District annexes The Woodlands, CATW wanted to help.
Introducing SCULPTURE KIT 1.0!
An email will be sent to the developer with our LABS results and hopefully the sculpture will be cleaned by first quarter 2009.

Thursday, September 20, 2007

Community Activists of The Woodlands and Texas State Senator Robert L Nichols Agree on State Law With Signs in ROW's

Community Activists of The Woodlands has been working the better part of 2007 fighting to get illegally collected fines returned to residents of The Woodlands. A PERSON MAY NOT PLACE A SIGN ON THE RIGHT-OF-WAY OF PUBLIC ROAD UNLESS THE PLACEMENT IS AUTHORIZED BY STATE LAW.
The Woodlands Community Service Corporation(WCSC), the "private" company hired by the three Home Owners Associations of the woodlands does not agree with Senator Nichols.
The below document clearly states that the WCSC has no right to approve the placement of signs in the right-of-way or fine anyone who does place a sign in the right-of-way.
Call Mr Don Norrell, WCSC General Manager, to ask for a refund if you have been sent a threatening letter and paid a fine.
Mr Norrell can be reached at 281.210.3800

Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Texas Ethics Commission (TEC) Investigating Robert Eissler

Montgomery County and surrounding areas continue to keep The TEC busy. Robert Eissler, Texas State Representative, is the latest politician to be investigated with a category two violation. CLICK HERE TO VIEW TEC COMPLAINT AND RESPONSE.
You can read more about the TEC HERE.